Sale of dietary supplements in EU

Is it Legal for me to buy from you?

YES! All products sold on are approved in The Netherlands! This means that you can legally buy, as Vitanetshop B.V. is both residing and shipping out from in The Netherlands. You will not receive any extra import duty or penalties when you buy from Vitanetshop, the total amount you agree to when checking out is what you pay!

The sale of dietary supplements in the Netherlands is regulated both by the Dutch and EU law.

The EU has a set of rules that states, if a product is approved as a Dietary Supplement in a country located within the EU, it is legal for a customer to purchase this product for personal consumption, providing the company the customer is purchasing from, is residing and shipping out from in this country.

Why do you not describe better?

There are very strict rules within the EU as to what you can write about a product, therefore we cannot write a more indept product description. We do try our very best to comply with all rules set both by the EU and the Netherlads regarding the sale of Dietary Supplements.